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GRAPE'S Autumn/Winter 2022 collection was inspired by going to a baby shower. It resulted in an interest in maternal and baby care products. Designed with attention to the end users' needs, these maternal and childcare products are visually endowed with personalized safety features while meeting the needs of users.


In 22A/W, GRAPE focuses on the multi-dimensional sensory experience of the wearer. Incorporating functional elements such as baby seats, books, toys, and more in an interesting, lively, and warm manner.

GRAPE 2022秋冬系列灵感来源于参加“Baby Shower”的聚会体验, 挑选礼物的时候对于“母婴产品”也有了更深入的兴趣。它们通常能够将情感关怀和科技性注入设计,在视觉上赋予产品个性化安全特点的同时又能满足使用者的有机需求,甚至在某些程度上我们会对这些产品有着天然的信任感。 


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